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Mary Bea Art

Mackinac Island Inspired M-185 Sticker

Mackinac Island Inspired M-185 Sticker

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M185 is the Michigan Highway that runs the perimeter of Mackinac Island, a small island located between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. There are no cars allowed on the island, only bikes and horses.

This design represents the connection that biking M185 allows between Mackinac Island and beautiful Lake Huron. Mackinac Island is 8 miles around, and 8 is also the sign of infinity, so our sign says "Mile 8".

The sticker is printed in two sizes, a 3" circle that fits great on a cruiser fender and a 4" circle that's very visible as a car bumper sticker. The 3" option is $4.00 and the 4" option is $5.00. Printed on durable, UV resistant, and dishwasher safe vinyl. Makes a great gift for those who appreciate the beauty of Mackinac Island. Design Copyright 2014 Mary Bea McWatters.

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