About Mary Bea


Artist Bio:
Mary Bea McWatters is a professional artist from
Petoskey, Michigan. Mary Bea’s love for the outdoors
and her passion for creating unique and colorful
paintings has guided her through twenty years of
professional art experience.

Mary Bea has lived and painted in many locations
across the United States, including Vermont, North
Carolina, and Hawaii. In 2006, she received a BFA in Art
and Design from Northern Michigan University in
Marquette. After graduation, Mary Bea moved to
Mackinac Island, and helped to start Barnwell
Landscape and Garden Services. Here she created
beauty with in the gardens for eight years. Working
every summer surrounded by flowers, bikes, and the
waters of Northern Michigan, further developed a deep
love for painting the natural world.

Currently Mary Bea is a full time artist living in her home
town of Petoskey. You can usually find her creating in
her studio on the Bear River, riding her bike toward the
breathtaking Northern Michigan sunsets, or exploring
nature with a paintbrush or camera in hand.

Her work as an artist seeks to become part of the beauty
that surrounds us, the beauty that is within us, and the
beauty that enriches our lives. It is with great joy and
gratitude that she shares her work with you.

 To schedule a studio visit, text or call 231-881-2034. Email:

Artist Statement:

My art is a curious exploration of the natural world around me. I create out of necessity, because it is the purest way I’ve found to understand and share my experience. Art is a deep-rooted passion that has passed along through the women in my family for generations.

From my mother guiding my hands in shaping a cube from play-doh, and the enchanting play of light through stained glass in my grandmother’s workshop, where she taught me to use a compass, my childhood was filled with moments of creative wonder. These memories remain with me, shaping my desire for continued learning and the joy of sharing that love through my art.

As an artist, I find inspiration in the places I've called home, particularly the peaceful shores of Lake Michigan, the dramatic waves of Hawaii, and the stunning waterfalls across the United States. For over two decades, I worked as a professional landscape designer and gardener. This formative time spent outside among the plants, throughout the seasons, allowed me to observe the wonders of nature which deeply influence my work.

The core themes in my artwork emerge from my experiences, as well as a profound appreciation for color,  light, and perception. An insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding provide endless inspiration to create. My art takes on a range of styles, from abstract to expressionism to realism, each driven by this curiosity.

My creative process is a way of making sense of my life, a journey of discovery where art has become my preferred language. As an opportunist, I'm not limited by a single style or medium; instead, I embrace the opportunity to work with new materials and push their boundaries. If a material is available, I'll create art with it. 

My work would not be what it is today without the appreciation of collectors, clients, friends and family. When others connect with my work, they glimpse the same piece of the infinite, they may gain a  deeper understanding of the  natural world, and perhaps re-engage with the curiosity of their inner child. I feel profoundly grateful for those who love my work, as they encourage and enable me to continue this lifelong journey of exploration and creation.